Vision Sensor

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Type of Product :

                           Vision Sensor

Market in Brand :

                           Autonics, Papper+Fuchs, Ideal, Schneider, Wenglor, Omren, Leuze

Vision sensors are very powerful in the sense that they can be used in various and flexible ways. For instance they can be used to display still or moving images from an external application or a plugin. Plugins can also provide customized image processing algorithms (e.g. filters) as well as evaluation algorithms (e.g. triggering conditions). There are several built-in filters that can be applied to images of a vision sensor. Refer to the filter composition section for more details.

Vision sensors can only render (and detect) renderable entities. Calculation results of vision sensors can be recorded by graph objects. Refer to graphs and graph data stream types for more information about how to record vision sensor data.



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