Proximity Senaor

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Type of Product :
                           Proximity Sensor
Market in Brand :
                           Autonics, Papper+Fuchs, Ideal, Schneider, Wenglor, Omren, Leuze

Parking sensors, systems mounted on car bumpers that sense distance to nearby cars for parking Ground proximity warning system for aviation safety Vibration measurements of rotating shafts in machinery [5] Top dead centre (TDC)/camshaft sensor in reciprocating engines. Sheet break sensing in paper machine. Anti-aircraft warfare Roller coasters Conveyor systems Beverage and food can making lines[6] Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs Mobile devices Touch screens that come in close proximity to the face[1] Attenuating radio power in close proximity to the body, in order to reduce radiation exposure[7] 3D Touch will come true with the aid of proximity sensing elements.[8] Automatic faucets

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