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Trio Motion Technology is a specialised source of high performance motion control technology.

We design and manufacture flexible and economical solutions for motion control applications, enabling control of complex high speed automation and machine control in most industries throughout the world.

Our comprehensive range motion controllers branded Motion Coordinatorsallows seamless control of 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems. Our flexible, modular controller range uses a common user interface and standard programming language; TrioBASIC.

We design customised solutions for OEMs, manufacture motion control options for globally available drives and license designs and technology to a number of automation companies. Our products are available locally via our global network of distributors and drive specialists. Each offers local training and technical support.

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The The Motion Coordinator system is extremely modular, allowing the user to tailor the controller to their specific needs, this also allows the flexibility to incorporate new modules if the need should change, making the system "future proof"


All the Motion Coordinators, whether PCI, panel mount, rack mount, DIN rail mount or a custom design format, incorporate a CANbus interface to allow for digital or analogue I/O expansion with Trio’s I/O modules. Special I/O requirements can also be accommodated using the CANopen protocol to control third party I/O modules. In many applications, Trio’s range can be combined to build a control system capable of driving a multi axis machine and all its auxiliary equipment.


Trio’s range of operator interface units provide a robust and functional HMI using the Trio fibre-optic network system. Third party HMI products, touchscreens etc., can communicate to the Motion Coordinator via the Modbus RTU serial protocol.


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