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Type of Product : Human Machine Interface Controllers 

Market in Brand :

                           Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, Weintex, Iconics, Siemens, Delta, Lenze, Fuji, Omren, etc,,,,

Usage Purpose :

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) includes the electronics required to signal and control the state of industrial automation equipment. These interface products can range from a basic LED status indicator to a 20-inch TFT panel with touchscreen interface. HMI applications require mechanical robustness and resistance to water, dust, moisture, a wide range of temperatures, and, in some environments, secure communication. They should provide Ingress Protection (IP) ratings up to IP65, IP67, and IP68. The unique capacitive Atmel® QTouch technology, Atmel SAM9 microprocessors, and Atmel CryptoAuthentication™ devices enable designers to meet these requirements and more, with an optimized BOM.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports high source and sink output IO capabilities up to 60mA for direct drive of LEDs.
  • High-speed PWM units enable LED dimming and screen back lighting.
  • Robust touch technology provides reduced wear and increased product lifetime. Due to its superior field penetration, Atmel Touch technology will operate through 6mm thick, non-conductive surfaces.
  • The excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the Atmel QMatrix™ touch technology makes the design immune to water, moisture, or dust and enables operators to use gloves.
  • Capacitive touch eases design of full hermetic or sealed products, while power efficiency minimizes heat dissipation.
  • Free Atmel QTouch software library on the Atmel microcontroller lets designers avoid the cost of an additional component.
  • The Atmel touch spread spectrum frequency implementation helps designers meet electro-magnetic emission requirements.
  • The Atmel industrial microprocessor product portfolio with integrated LCD, combined with the Atmel QTouch technology, are the ideal candidates for your next control panel design.
  • The Atmel CryptoAuthentication family of hardware security devices provides cost effective solutions for authenticated and encrypted communications between HMI and industrial equipment.

    HMI Devices

  • LED Indicators and Mechanical Switches are a leading HMI for industrial applications, and Atmel AVR® and AT91SAM microcontrollers offer a variety of benefits.
  • Capacitive Touch Technology for HMI helps protect industrial interface modules, while increasing design flexibility and enhancing look and feel.
  • Industrial Control Panels with LCD Displays provide the operator an efficient, flexible way to monitor and control increasingly complex automated processes.
  • Hardware Security Products protect firmware integrity from tampering to assure continuous and reliable performance.
  • Human Machine Interface Diagram

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